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Banico Air Differential Pressure Switch

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New Banico Air Differential Pressure Switch Banico EFS3
£ 17.56 New
Air Differential Pressure switches for air, ideal for use with gas interlock systems, they can also be used as positive pressure switches, vacuum sensors or differential pressure switches for air, flue gas and other non-aggressive gases. They monitor extremely slight pressure differences and trigger switch-on, switch-off or switch-over operations if a set value is reached. Fields of application include fan monitoring on calorific value boiler units or on atmospheric wall-mounted units with flue gas fan, fan monitoring and filter monitoring on intake and extract ventilation systems, on air-conditioning systems, in laboratories and in kitchens, frost-protection control on heat exchangers and closed-loop control of butterfly valves for air and fire dampers for instance.

The pneumatic and electrical connections are accessible from the same side in order to ensure space-saving installation.


  • 24V-250V ac
  • Ambient temperature -20 to 85 C
  • 5mm push-on connection
  • IP54
  • 0.2 - 2 MBAR (20-200pa) - 0.1 mbar diff (10pa)


  • Monitoring of air, flue gas and other non-aggressive gases
  • High switching point stability
  • Switching point selection via hand wheel
  • Screw terminals or AMP plugs for electrical connections
  • Flexible mounting options
  • All connections accessible from one side
  • EC type-tested and certified

Supplied with 2 metres of clear hose and two spiots.

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