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Anton Sprint Pro 1 Multifunction Flue Gas Analyser

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New Anton Sprint Pro 1 Multifunction Flue Gas Analyser Anton SPRINT PRO1
£ 431.99 New
The Anton Sprint Pro1 Multifunction Flue Gas Analyser is capable of measuring carbon monoxide, oxygen, and temperature as well as calculating combustion efficiency, CO/CO2 ratio and carbon dioxide level. It is ideal for those working with oil-burning combustion systems and commissioning new boilers.

Operation of the Anton Sprint Pro1 is undertaken through intuitive, easily navigated menus and readings are displayed on the clear digital screen. Large push buttons make the instrument easy to use during inspections and the screen also displays prompts and warnings to assist during the inspection process.

The robust design of the Sprint Pro makes it ready for a hard life on site. Every aspect of the design has been considered to make it the toughest unit on the market. The casing is made from the same materials as a motorcycle helmet. The new condensate trap design has a robust central locking nut to allow easy emptying of the condensate and also protects from impact damage.
A really well thought out, new combined condensate trap and filtration system has been designed to prevent water and particulates entering the instrument. Condensate from the flue getting into FGAs is the main cause of instrument damage, inaccurate readings and the need for instruments to be returned for unscheduled repair.

A modern USB-C charging point on both the Pro FGA and Printer make it easy to charge your kit at home, in your vehicle or on site.

The Anton Sprint Pro1 comes supplied with a carry case, flue gas probe, USB charger with a lead, a spare dust filter and a calibration certificate


Anton Sprint Pro 1 Multifunction Flue Gas Analyser
Flue Probe


Measure CO, CO2 and O2 levels
Determine CO: CO2 ratios
Integrated over-range protection
Measure temperature (differential, flow, return and excess air) and efficiency
EN 50379-1:2012- and EN 50379-3:2012- compliant
Ideal for plumbers, and oil and commissioning engineers working with BS7967:2015
Entry-level model Robust construction with double protection against condensation
Integrated condensation trap with a particulate filter
The integrated condensation trap is durable and easy to empty
The condensation trap and water-stop technology reduces the instrument’s downtime
Secure, click-in probe connector
Large function buttons
Intuitive, easy-to-navigate menu
High-contrast screen with colour prompts and warnings
Carry bag has been optimised for east tool extraction and replacement: it features a drop-in bag design
USB-C charging
Easy-to-use, efficient and cost-effective combustion gases analyser

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