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Waeco MagicSafe MSG 150 Narcotic Gas Alarm

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New Waeco MagicSafe MSG 150 Narcotic Gas Alarm Waeco 9103555858
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How do you know if gas from an on-board supply has leaked into your vehicle? Probably only when it is too late ... The WAECO MagicSafe MSG 150 gas detector protects you. It reliably detects the presence of narcotic gases in the atmosphere and immediately triggers the alarm: the integrated buzzer emits an audible signal and the red LED flashes. Simultaneously, the output relay is switched on. It can be used to activate external alarm units up to 10 A. You can silence the audible alarm by pressing a button. The same button can be used to start the sensor's function test. Any system failure will be immediately indicated.

The sensor detects narcotic gases based on ether, chloroform, butane, ethane and trichlorethene. It automatically adjusts to the room atmosphere.


  • Detects all common narcotic gases
  • As a stand-alone device or in combination with the MagicSafe MS 650, MS 660 and MS 670 alarm systems
  • Audible and visual alarm signals
  • Self-cleaning gas sensor
  • Voltage - 12 V DC/ 24 v DC

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