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Giveaway - 10 i30 Programmable Radiator Controls

Giveaway - 10 i30 Programmable Radiator Controls

Giveaway - 10 i30 Programmable Radiator Controls

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Testo Smart Probes - VAC Set

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New Testo Smart Probes - VAC Set Testo 0563 0003
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The compact Testo Smart Probes VAC Set includes four App-controlled measuring instruments for important measuring tasks performed by VAC engineers:

- the testo 405i thermal anemometer
- the testo 410i vane anemometer
- the testo 605i thermohygrometer and
- the testo 805i infrared thermometer

In combination with a smartphone or tablet, it can be used to measure air and surface temperatures, air humidity, air flow velocities and volume flows in, on and around air conditioning plants and systems.

Users can view their measuring values conveniently via the testo Smart Probes App installed on an end device. In the App, measurement parameters (such as humidity or temperature) can be deleted, added, or their order altered, with just one click. It is also possible to change the displayed measurement parameters quickly.


 Instrument Specifications - Click on image to enlarge

Testo Smart Probe VAC Set


  • Compact professional measuring instrument from the Testo Smart Probes series, for use with smartphones/tablets
  • Measurement data analysis and transmission via Smart Probes App
  • For the measurement of air and surface temperature, humidity, air flow velocity and volume flow
  • Application-specific menus: Volume flow measurements in ducts and at outlets, identification of mould danger, easy image documentation incl. IR temperature measurement value and measurement spot marking; determination of the refrigeration/heating performance
  • Small, compact, and easy to transport
  • Measurement data analysis as a table or graph
  • Handy transport bag testo Smart Case

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