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Testo 320 Bluetooth Flue Gas Analyser Standard Kit

The testo 320 features all the essential functions for carrying out flue gas analysis on domestic heating systems, including flue draught, pressure measurements, and differential temperature measurement.

The flue gas analyser is easy to use with its full colour graphic display featuring a user-friendly menu guidance.

The analyser measures both O2 and CO (4,000ppm sensor fitted as standard) and can also display calculated parameters such as combustion ratio, CO2, etc.

A range of optional probes also allow measurement of ambient CO and gas escape detection.

The device can store up to 500 measurement reports to internal memory, and also features Bluetooth communication with Testo's free Combustion app is also possible (App only for Android devices).


Product Details


Testo 320 Bluetooth Flue Gas Analyser Standard Kit Features

  • 5 applications with one instrument: measurement of flue gas, draught, pressure, ambient CO, differential temperature and gas leak detection (with optional probe)
  • Clear and simple colour menu - tests listed with icons and text
  • 4,000ppm CO sensor with automatic pump shut off to help prevent saturation
  • 10 user selectable fuels
  • rechargable Li-ion battery
  • tightness and let-by pressure test routines included in menu (requires pressure connection adaptor)
  • Flow and return temperature measurement (using additional accessory probes)
  • Ambient CO and gas escape detection (using additional accessory probes)
  • Soft carry case with shoulder strap
  • Independently tested according to EN 50379 Parts 1-3

Delivery Scope

testo 320 Flue Gas Analyser with Bluetooth, rechargeable battery and calibration protocol, Flue Gas Probe (180mm x 6mm diameter), Soft carry case with shoulder strap, AC/USB power supply.


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