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TPI 721 Combustible Gas Leak Detector

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New TPI 721 Combustible Gas Leak Detector TPI TPI 721
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The ergonomically designed 721 is a hand-held, combustible gas leak detector. It is capable of finding combustible gas leaks in pipes, fittings, regulators, etc. Additional features include the capability to display %LEL, leak level in ppm, and user adjustable alarm point.

Perform the following tests and/or measurements with the 721 leak detector:
  • Locate combustible gas leaks in joints and fittings
  • Determine Lower Explosive Limit percentage
  • Determine the combustible gas leak level in ppm (parts per million)
Gases Detected: (partial listing):
Acetone, Acetylene, Alcohol, Ammonia, Benzene, Butane, Ethanol, Ethylene Oxide, Gasoline, Hexane, Hydrogen, Methane, Naphtha, Natural Gas, Paint Thinners, Propane, Solvents.


Leak Detection Sensitivity 10ppm (methane)
Accuracy +/-10%
Sensor Type Low power semiconductor
Probe Length 16”
Leak Indication Audio / Visual
Adjustable Tic Rate Yes
Alarm Audible / Visual (User settable)
Display type Dual display with backlight
Leak Level Read Out Yes, 0 to 9999ppm
%LEL Indication Yes, 0% to 19.9%
Stepped ppm read out Yes, 0, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000, 9999ppm
Internal Sample Pump No
Intrinsic Safety Rated No
Battery “C” cell (2)
Weight 1.1 lb


Standard accessories included:
  • Carrying Pouch (A780)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Battery and Sensor (Installed and Calibrated)

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