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Stadium BM720 Black Hole Brick Ventilator

£26.88 (£22.40 exc. VAT)
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New Stadium BM720 Black Hole Brick Ventilator Stadium BM720
£ 26.88 New
Rustic red double size airbrick 216mm x 152mm. Cavaity liner in two parts fixed together and with a continuous airway. Centre joint with cavaity drip. White inner grill. Reversible for both high or low level. Screw covers for flush fitting.


Free area: 70cm2


  • 'The Original Black Hole Ventilator' Comprising; Double rustic red louvred airbrick, cavity liner with  cavity drip and anti-draught baffles extension piece and white inner grille. 
  • Invertible for high or low fitting. 
  • Expands to fit solid or cavity walls 290 mm to 390 mm
  • Rated Input - Max 21kW (71,500 Btu/h

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