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Rinnai Infinity HD55i Internal Low-NOx 52.6kW Gas Water Heater LPG

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New Rinnai Infinity HD55i Internal Low-NOx 52.6kW Gas Water Heater LPG Rinnai W55IVCX-LPG
£ 1122 New
The Rinnai HD55i internal water heater is a room sealed, wall hung, LPG or natural gas fired continuous flow water heater. The Infinity Low NOx 55i is capable of supplying in excess of 820 litres per hour raised 50˚C making it an ideal choice for high capacity light commercial to large industrial system specifications as up to 25 units can be cascaded to supply any specification.

The Infinity Low NOx range incorporates patented down firing pre-mix burner technology meaning that the appliances produce less than 20ppm NOx future proofing the systems against legislative changes.


Installation Internal
Dimensions (H x W x D) 583mm x 357mm x 233mm
Weight 28kg
Exhaust type Forced room sealed (Concentric)
Temperature range 40, 42, 50, 55, 60, 65, 75, 85°C
Ignition method Electronic
Gas consumption - Natural gas 52.6kW - 4.05kW
Low NOx Less than 20ppm
Water flow rate 1.5** to 37 L/min
Noise level 41 db(A)
Minimum operating pressure 1.0 bar
Power supply 230V AC 50hz 1ph
Connections - Gas, Water inlet, Water outlet 3/4 bsp


  • Saves space, water and energy
  • Limitless application
  • Compact design with internal and weather-proof external models
  • Temperature accurate hot water delivery
  • The Rinnai Infinity does not run out of hot water Space saving, compact design means no floor space taken up
  • Digital controllers (not included) allow you to control water temperature Endless hot water delivered more efficiently and with greater control.
  • This new technology replaces the need for bulky, inefficient, old-fashioned storage tanks
  • Highly efficient, saving you up to 30% on your hot water gas bill

Rinnai Infinity HD55i Internal Low-NOx 52.6kW Gas Water Heater LPG Reviews

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