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Rinnai Infinity HD50i Internal Gas Water Heater 54kW Natural Gas

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New Rinnai Infinity HD50i Internal Gas Water Heater 54kW Natural Gas Rinnai REU50
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The Rinnai heavy duty HD50i internal water heater is a wall hung, gas fired, continuous flow water heater capable of producing hot water at 770 litres per hour at a 50°C rise.

The HD50i has a 125mm concentric flue which can be extended up to 13m, less 1m per 45° bend (sold separately).

Compact and reliable, the HD50i operates between 1-10 bar pressure, suitable for mains and systems with boost pumps.

Incoming water temperatures of up to 65°C are accepted, making the HD50i suitable for secondary return systems.

The Rinnai HD50i is a fully modulating 54kW unit ideal for commercial, industrial and large domestic installations.


Installation Internal wall mounted
Dimensions (H x W x D) 578.2mm x 355.6mm x 234.5mm
Weight 24kg
Exhaust system Room sealed
Temperature range 37°C - 85°C
Ignition method Direct electronic
Gas consumption - Natural gas 4.36kW - 54kW max
Gas consumption - Propane 4.36kW - 54kW max
Hot water delivery capacity 19.4 ltr/min raised 33°C / 770 ltr/hour raised 50°C
Min operating water flow 2.4 ltr/min
Nominal operating pressure 1-10 bar
Power supply 230V AC 50hz 1ph
Electrical consumption 66W Normal / 100W Max (Frost protection)
Gas usage 5.14m³
Gas usage LPG 3.86kg/hr
Efficiency Gross 83%
Efficiency Net 92%


  • Saves space, water and energy
  • Limitless application
  • Compact design with internal and weather-proof external models
  • Temperature accurate hot water delivery
  • The Rinnai Infinity does not run out of hot water Space saving, compact design means no floor space taken up
  • Digital controllers (not included) allow you to control water temperature Endless hot water delivered more efficiently and with greater control.
  • This new technology replaces the need for bulky, inefficient, old-fashioned storage tanks
  • Highly efficient, saving you up to 30% on your hot water gas bill

Rinnai Infinity HD50i Internal Gas Water Heater 54kW Natural Gas Reviews

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