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Cobb Coshell Coconut Briquettes (4kg)

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New Cobb Coshell Coconut Briquettes (4kg) Cobb COSHFA-B9
£ 9.98 New
Perfect all round BBQ fuel and ideal for use with the COBB. Vary the number of briquettes depending on what you are cooking. Typically: Steaks, Roasts etc. 8-9 pieces. Bread 4-5 pieces. When smoking by using a smoking pot or soaked wood chips on the fuel you may want to use less pieces to give a longer smoke time, depending on the food probably 4-8 pieces.

Coshell Coconut Charcoal will give you in excess of 2.5 hours cooking when used on the Cobb with temperatures of approx. 250 degrees centigrade for the first 2 hours reducing down to approx. 200 degrees centigrade at 2.5 hours.

After cooking you may wish to extinguish the fuel by covering the inner bowl with kitchen foil. The briquettes may then be used to supplement your next Cobb cookout.


  • 100% Coconut shell, environmentally friendly, no trees are cut down to produce Coshell Charcoal
  • Coconut Charcoal is a harder substance that burns hotter and longer than conventional charcoal
  • No harmful additives – 100% natural

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