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Morco D61B/e Water Control Assembly

£58.09 (£48.41 exc. VAT)

Out of Stock

New Morco D61B/e Water Control Assembly Morco FW0163
£ 58.09 New
Replacement Morco D61B/E Water Control Assembly.

Unfortunately this product is no longer in production.
We can supply a Repair Kit for it for £28.25 (exc VAT). It consists of:
  • FW0170 Upper Protector
  • FW0180 Diaphragm
  • FW0214 Lower Protector
  • FW0233 Spindle
  • FW0542 Spindle O Ring (Single)
  • FW0543 Inlet Union O Ring (Single)
  • FW0595 Outlet Union O Ring (Single)
  • FW0200 Water Regulator Spring

Please order using SKU FW0164

Morco D61B/e Water Control Assembly Reviews

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