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Loctite 572 Pipe Sealant 50g

£22.24 (£18.53 exc. VAT)

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New Loctite 572 Pipe Sealant 50g Loctite HA150
£ 22.24 New
Loctite 572 "Slow Curing" Thread Sealant, replacement for PTFE tape on metal fittings. Instant seal for oil, gas and air that won't creep, shrink or block systems by shredding. Heat-resistant to 150ºC. Disassemble with normal hand tools.


  • Loctite 572 Liquid Thread Sealants seal and secure metal pipes and fittings, filling the space between threaded metal parts, and hardening to prevent leakage.
  • Designed for low and high pressure applications, liquid thread sealants seal instantly for low pressure testing.
  • When fully cured, they seal to the burst strength of most piping systems.
  • Loctite 572 Low Strength Thread Sealant Low strength sealant with moderate fixture speed for use on coarse threads.
  • Seals operating pressures to 10,000 psi.
  • Typical Use: Slow Cure, Low Strength

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