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Kane 255 Combustion Flue Gas Analyser

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The Kane 255 Combustion Flue Gas Analyser measures carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and flue temperature. It also calculates oxygen (O2), CO/CO2, ratio, losses, combustion efficiency (Nett, Gross or Condensing) and excess air.

A useful feature for when a CO Alarm is triggered, is that the Kane 255 Combustion Analyser's CO sensor checks CO levels in ambient air. Reading in ppm or mg/m3, the CO reading can be referenced to the oxygen.

The Kane 255 is supplied with a flue probe with integral temperature sensor and also has a protective rubber cover with integral magnet for "hands-free" operation. The large display shows two readings at a time.

An optional infrared printer is also available for which all data can be printed on. The printed data can be 'live' data, 'frozen data' or stored data. Twenty sets of tests can be stored. Two lines of sixteen characters can be added to the header of printouts.

The Kane 255 Combustion Analyser is controlled using just four buttons and a rotary dial.


Product Details


Kane 255 Combustion Flue Gas Analyser Specification

  • Analyser
  • KMCP2
  • Test report
  • Manual
  • 4 x NiMh batteries and charger

Kane 255 Combustion Flue Gas Analyser Features

  • Easy to use rotary switch
  • Accurately measures: Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0-2,000ppm & Flue and inlet temperature
  • Calculates: Oxygen (O2), CO/CO2 ratio, Poison index, Efficiency
  • Multi-fuel: Natural gas, light oil (28/35 sec), Propane, butane, LPG &wood pellets
  • Long life sensors (expected life up to 5 years)
  • Detachable flue probe
  • Memory stores: 20 sets of tests
  • Accurately calculates condensing boiler efficiency
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