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Hayes Smoke-Stick & Refill Pack

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New Hayes Smoke-Stick & Refill Pack Hayes UK 7026
£ 32.72 New

Smoke matches, tapers and smoke tubes give off an unstable smoke pattern. Smoke-Stick with its straight, pencil-thin smoke pattern has been designed specifically to monitor the slightest change in air movement. Each Smoke-Stick offers a minimum of 30 minutes of continuous smoke or 90 tests of 20 seconds each.

6 Smoke-Sticks & dispenser pen


  • First product on the market offering pencil - thin smoke pattern
  • Ideal for testing for the slightest air-movement, gas spillage
  • For mandatory CO spillage checks of boiler/case sills after fitting/re-fitting
  • HVAC air-movement/leakage checks
  • Offers over 3 hours of smoke (stop/re-start usage)
  • Non-corrosive, not harmful

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