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GCE 2 Gauge Multistage Oxygen Gas Regulator

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New GCE 2 Gauge Multistage Oxygen Gas Regulator GCE 0762145
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The Multi-stage series employ the principles of 2-stage gas control to provide precise and accurate delivery pressures under all conditions. This ensures the regulators are able to cover a full range of service requirements from fusion welding through to high integrity laboratory applications.

The Multistage regulators are the flagship models of the GCE range formally known as the Murex Saffire. These multi-stage regulators are fully 300 bar capable whilst retaining the sensitivity and accuracy necessary for precise control.

The regulators are fully compliant and certified to BS EN ISO 2530.

As with all GCE products these are manufactured under the quality management systems of BS EN ISO 9001.
  • Multistage Oxygen regulator
  • Gauges - 2
  • Inlet 25 bar – outlet 10 bar
  • Inlet G5/8” LH - outlet G3/8”


1st stage reduces the inlet pressure allowing very accurate adjustment through the 2nd stage

  • Fully compliant and certified to BS EN ISO 2503 with quality management to ISO 9001
  • High strength brass body with operational data permanently engraved
  • High specification safety device to protect the user
  • Full 300 bar inlet capability
  • Solid bulkhead gauges
  • Stainless and Neoprene diaphragms
  • KelF micro valve in first stage
  • Broad seat A92 valve in second stage

GCE 2 Gauge Multistage Oxygen Gas Regulator Reviews

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