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Gas Safe Flues In Voids Checklist

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New Gas Safe Flues In Voids Checklist Offically Licensed Gas Safe GSRFIVPAD15
£ 8.39 New
Gas Safe Flues in Voids Checklist (FIV Checklist pad), with 50 x 3 parts per set.
All of our Licensed Gas Safe Premium Pads are designed to be landscape for to help the Engineer complete while on site.
They all have double covers with writing guard, with triple stitching and binding tape on the spine. Then each part of the record is numbered and perforated down the left hand side, so that when each part is removed, the spine still remains intact.
This pad has been designed specifically for carrying out a safety check/inspection of chimney systems in voids and your findings in accordance with the guidance given in Gas Safe Register TB008 (Edition 3). A copy for your customer and one for you the gas engineer/business.

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