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Clesse Manual Changeover 30mbar Gas Regulator

Clesse 466CV Caravan 30mb Euro Manual Change Over Regulator Caravan/Motothome 30mbar Gas Regulator kit. A two-stage regulator set at 30mbar which can work with both Butane & Propane gas. Switching between different gas cylinders is achieved simply by changing the pigtail or adding a cylinder adaptor. Manufactured to European Standard 12867 which is now required for caravans and motor homes built to EN1949.

Product Details


Clesse Manual Changeover 30mbar Gas Regulator Features

  • Manual Change Over Valve
  • Allows you to connect two cylinders
  • 30mb euro regulator for use with either propane or butane
  • Regulator has M20 inlet to accept euro pigtail hoses
  • 10mm compression fitting outlet.
  • Comes complete with metal mounting bracket integral test point
  • 150mb safety release valve
  • 1.5kG/hr 21kW capacity