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Duomo CO100Ar - Carbon Monoxide Sensor

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New Duomo CO100Ar - Carbon Monoxide Sensor Duomo CO100AR
£ 187.2 New
The CO100Ar is an electrochemical sensor which provides a signal proportional to the levels of carbon monoxide in its vicinity. It then provides a 4-20mA signal back to any one of the Duomo detector panels listed above. This clever sensor also has a Time Weighted Average (TWA) function and can therefore provide a 4-20mA signal if the levels of gas stay above a lower concentration of gas for a given period e.g. 30ppm for 20 hours.


  • 12-24V DC supply
  • IP55 protective rating
  • IP65 sintered head
  • Electrochemical sensor technology
  • 4-20mA output (Linear and On/Off Time Weighted Average)
  • CE certified no. 96125
  • Certified EN50291 for toxic gas
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Compatible with BX116, BX444M, GS300M, GS100M and BX150

Duomo CO100Ar - Carbon Monoxide Sensor Reviews

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