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Cobb Premier BBQ Combo

The Cobb Premier BBQ Kit includes the Cobb Premier, the Cobb Roasting Rack, Barbecue Kit, Briquettes and a Carry Bag.

  • Grills - meats, chicken, vegetables, fish etc.
  • Fries - eggs, meat, fish etc.
  • Bakes - bread, cakes, pizza - even roasts whole chickens and joints of beef, lamb pork, etc.
  • Boils - stews, pasta, curries etc.
  • Smokes - fish, meats, vegetables etc.

Cobb cooking is healthy. Fats and oils drain from the grill and accumulate in the moat. And because fat and oil are not able to drip into the fire, there is no smoke with Cobb cooking.

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Product Details


Cobb Premier BBQ Combo Specification

  • Convenient & easy to use. 8-10 briquettes, charcoal lumpwood or Cobb's Cobblestone cooks almost anything
  • Truly portable, use it almost anywhere
  • Healthy cooking with no flare ups
  • Safe to handle - the base stays cool whilst cooking
  • Made from stainless steel - all parts are dishwasher safe, except the mesh base which just needs wiping down
  • Guaranteed quality - 2 year warranty
  • Winner of several design awards

Cobb Premier BBQ Combo Features

Cobb Roasting Rack

enables you to roast meats without the need for turning.

Cobb Premier Barbecue Kit

enhance your Cobb experience, by using your Cobb as an open grill barbecue.

Australian Heat Beads® - Barbecue Briquettes 4Kg Bag

Heat Beads will give you in excess of 3 hours cooking when used on the Cobb with temperatures of approx 250 degrees centigrade for the first 2 hours reducing down to approx 200 degrees centigrade at 3 hours.


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