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Clesse BP2403 50 kg/hr 37mbar Propane Low Pressure Regulator

New Clesse BP2403 Manufactured and tested to EN16129, 50kg/h regulator with PRV which will operate at inlet pressures of 300mb and give 40kg/h. Versatile economic pressure regulator supplying high capacity flow rates at both low and high inlet pressure ranges. Mainly used in medium and large power installations (domestic metered networks, commercial, agricultural or industrial) as final stage or intermediate stage pressure reduction. Suitable for all types of LPG, natural gas, synthetic natural gas (SNG) or other non aggressive gases (air, nitrogen, biomethane).

Product Details


Clesse BP2403 50 kg/hr 37mbar Propane Low Pressure Regulator Specification

Type Clesse
Capacity @ Inlet Pressure of 0.3 bar 40kg/hour
Capacity @ Inlet Pressure of 0.5-2 bar 50kg/hour
Pressure 37 mbar
PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) 75 mbar
Inlet 3/4" Bsp female
Outlet 1" Bsp female

Clesse BP2403 50 kg/hr 37mbar Propane Low Pressure Regulator Features

High capacity and excellent pressure control with internal regulation system based on:

• Direct operated, spring loaded, mechanism

• 9,6 mm seat diameter,

• HNBR highly resilient valve seat pad

• Large reinforced diaphragm,

Stable pressure control is achieved and consistent in all conditions of temperature, capacity and inlet pressure operating in the normal range of the regulator. Meeting the manufacturing and performance standard EN16129 where applicable.

The outlet regulated pressure is pre-set at nominal values and may be adjusted in use to its parameters. Connections The gas connection, available as standard :

• Inlet : 3/4’’ BSPT (ISO 7)

• Outlet : 1’’ BSPT (ISO 7)

Convenient for most gas installers, offering generous pipe diameter connection for low pressure drop in installation pipework.

Vent orientation - New “Rotatable Vent“

Breather vent orientation, made easy by the new design of Rotatable Vent cover to ensure water is prevented from entering and/or accumulating in the regulator, either by rain, humidity or condensation. The operation can be carried out on site by qualified engineers.

1. unscrew one by one the 8 screws,

2. rotate and orientate the regulator cover with vent downward oriented,

3. Redo the 8 screws alternately again and fi t the plastic anti-tamper seal supplied.

4. Make a leak test to ensure everything is OK and the Rotatable Vent cover is sealed"


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