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CF12 Centre Fire Gas Cooker Burner Natural Gas

£102.60 (£85.50 exc. VAT)

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New CF12 Centre Fire Gas Cooker Burner Natural Gas HGP CF12N
£ 102.6 New
Twelve jet burners with brass jets pointing inwards. Removable cast iron tube for maximum combustion. Ideal for barbecues, stock pots, woks, kebab cooking and Chinese cooker ranges.

High flame temperatures are developed with low pressures, thus providing a high density of heat in confined spaces without the necessity of a ducted outlet chamber. The burners are manually controlled with a permanent pilot facility. No adjustment is necessary and they have 50% turndown with absolute safety. Jets are protected by the burner ring preventing any blockages due to food spillage and the jets can be changed without removing the burner from the appliance.


Supplied fitted with:

  • No. 58 jets Natural Gas
  • Approximate outputs: Natural Gas 82,800 Btus.
  • Tube diameter 81/4” (210mm)
  • Depth 2”
  • Side inlet ½” BSP female

CF12 Centre Fire Gas Cooker Burner Natural Gas Reviews

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