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V6 Vortex Gas Cooker Burner LPG

The V6 gas burners are supplied as standard complete with jets and tube. The approximate heat output of a burner is found by multiplying the number of jets by the Btu rating of the jet. The Btu ratings below refer to Btu/hour. Uses include barbecues, stock pots, woks, kebab cooking, tandoori firing and Chinese cooker ranges. Vortex Atmospheric Gas Burners utilising the flame impingement principle designed for Chinese Cooker, Kebab and Tandoori catering applications. The Impingement of four or more flames within a combustion/burner tube creates a vortex, which draws additional air into the flames contained within the combustion tube, resulting in perfect combustion. High flame temperatures are developed with low gas pressures, thus providing a high density of heat in confined spaces without the necessity of a ducted outlet chamber. The burners are manually controlled with permanent pilot facility. No adjustment is necessary and they have a turndown of 50% with absolute safety. Side firing burner jets are protected from blockage by a protective cover plate. Replacement of jets can be carried out without removing the burner from the appliance.

Product Details


V6 Vortex Gas Cooker Burner LPG Specification

  • No.64 jets for LPG
  • Approximate outputs: LPG 70,000 Btus.
  • Tube diameter 81/4” (210mm) Depth 3”
  • Side inlet ½” BSP female

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