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Cadac Camp Chef HP Portable Gas BBQ

This portable and versatile gas BBQ, weighing only 4kg, includes three interchangeable cooking surfaces, which all pack into a convenient carry bag. These are: - the non-stick reversible griddle with flat and ribbed sides - the cooker top. The Camp Chef HP operates off the CADAC 500g EN417 threaded gas cartridge (not included) or any other EN417 threaded gas cartridge which fits directly into the BBQ.

The Camp Chef is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, caravanning and sports events.

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Product Details


Cadac Camp Chef HP Portable Gas BBQ Specification

Total heat output 1,82kW
Appr. weight 3,9kg
Total average gas consumption 140g/h
Average operating pressure 28-37 mB
Burner system High pressure burner / Variable heat setting
Cooking area Ø 26cm reversible grid

Cadac Camp Chef HP Portable Gas BBQ Features

  • Lightweight and versatile gas BBQ
  • Non-stick reversible flat and ribbed griddle
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping

Cadac Camp Chef HP Portable Gas BBQ Reviews