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Bartolini Grey Bella I 4.2kW Portable Calor Gas Heater

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New Bartolini Grey Bella I 4.2kW Portable Calor Gas Heater Bartolini BELLA I
£ 73.99 New
An innate elegance, a sophisticated design, extremely harmonious traits: Bella will surely not go unnoticed.
It is the ideal solution for those who desire high performances and an aesthetically pleasing heater. The timeless elegance makes Bella suitable to any room of the house.

The radiant unit is composed of three ceramic plates with three different powers which can be used separately to quickly heat the room. This is the ideal infra-red heater for those who love the warmth of “fire”.
The combustion is in fact clearly visible and ensures a high irradiation capacity. It is fed by 15-kg, LPG cylinders. The four reinforced casters rotate 360° and ensure an easy movement in every direction and on any floor.


Feeding LPG
Gas cylinder up to 15 kg
Gas power delivered (kW) 1.4 - 2.8 - 4.2
Consumption 300 g/h
Gas heatable volume 120 m3
Switching on Piezoelectric
Product size (cm) 43 x 42 x 78
Cylinder compart. size (cm) 32 x 38.5 x 70.5
Packaging size (cm) 45 x 28 x 81
Weight 13.6 kg


Safety and quality

Bartolini’s Analyser This device constantly controls and analyses the air and stops the gas supply if the carbon dioxide level in the room exceeds 1.5%. Bartolini autonomously produces it by precision drilling on hard stones (rubies) and guarantees its high quality and operation through continuous tests during manufacturing and in laboratory. Thermocouple Safety device which automatically stops the gas supply in case of accidental shut-down (air stream, etc.). Gas pipe and pressure controller These certified, high-quality components are installed on all Bartolini products and ensure a suitable connection to the LPG cylinder.

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