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Banico 4 Zone Gas Detection Panel

The Banico AGDS-4, Gas detection system has been designed for use in boiler houses and plant rooms. Up to 4 low voltage sensors for the detection of natural gas, LPG or carbon monoxide can be connected to the panel. In the event of a high alarm from one of the sensors the system will isolate the gas supply by closing a connected electric control valve. Emergency stop buttons, thermal link heat detectors can be fitted and a fire alarm can close the gas valve when connected to the panel.


Product Details


Banico 4 Zone Gas Detection Panel Features

  • Gas detection of Natural gas, Carbon monoxide and Butane/Propane L.P.G.
  • Compact W180mm, H130mm, D60mm easy to install system.
  • Remote signalling can be connected to B.M.S and fire alarm systems.
  • User friendly, digital design means clear system status indication at all times.
  • Emergencyshut off buttons and thermal links, all low voltage, can be connected.
  • 2 Year Warranty

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