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Anton AIRG Infrared and Probe Thermometer

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New Anton AIRG Infrared and Probe Thermometer Anton AIRG
£ 64.44 New
Anton's AIRG is an infrared thermometer and allows users to carry out measurements of surface temperature without the need to make physical contact with whatever is being measured.
The unit carries out temperature measurements in Celsius, and when using the IR mode it can measure surface temperature levels from -60 to 500°C. Via the use of a type K thermocouple this thermometer can also be used to carry out contact temperature measurements from -64 to 1400°C.
Since it's been constructed with a pistol-like design, the Anton AIRG is comfortable to hold and easy to line up for IR temperature measurements. The unit also includes a laser pointer which allows the measurement point to be precisely determined.
The IR thermometer nature of this product also means it can be used at a distance. The AIRG features field of view of 12:1, which means the device can be used up to 12 metres away from the target point to measure a 1" target.
This product is ideal for countless applications including general surface temperature measurements, checking electrical panel components, checking heating and many others.


  • Range: -60 to +500ºC (IR) –64 to 1370ºC (TC)
  • Resolution: 0.1ºC or ºF (-9.9 to +199.9ºC)
  • Infrared accuracy: ±2% of reading or ±2ºC whichever is greater
  • Thermocouple accuracy: ±1% of reading or ±1ºC whichever is greater
  • Field of view: 11:1 optics ratio
  • Emissivity: 0.95 default – adjustable 0.10 to 1.00
  • Battery: 2 x MN2400 (AA)
  • Battery life: 140 hours continuous use
  • Display: Customer LCD
  • Dimension: 39 x 72 x 175mm
  • Weight: 180g

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