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54mm Pegler Yorkshire Xpress Copper Gas Elbow

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New 54mm Pegler Yorkshire Xpress Copper Gas Elbow Pegler Yorkshire 39785
£ 41.17 New
XPress Copper Gas ensures that safety is paramount by offering swift, flame-free installation alongside assuring consistent high-quality and performance for your commercial gas system. Suitable for above ground 2nd and 3rd family gas service pipelines.


  • BSI Kitemark approved (BS 8537:2010) from 12mm to 108mm
  • Temperature rating from -20⁰C to 70⁰C
  • Max working pressure inside = 1 bar, outside = 5 bar
  • Safer installation due to no naked flames or heat required
  • Wide range of British and International Approvals
  • No Leak Before Press feature for safety reasons
  • HNBR yellow o ring and prominent marking on exterior of fitting ensure clear identification of system

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