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30mbar Caravan Gas Regulator 8mm - Side Inlet

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New 30mbar Caravan Gas Regulator 8mm - Side Inlet Reca 490.1047
£ 15.54 New
Caravan/Motothome 30mbar Gas Regulator kit. A two-stage regulator set at 30mbar which can work with both Butane & Propane gas. It has built-in over-pressure protection and switching between different gas cylinders is achieved simply by changing the pigtail or adding a cylinder adaptor. Manufactured to European Standard 12867 which is now required for caravans and motor homes built to EN1949.
Side inlet for use within confined caravan/motorhome gas storage boxes.

Inlet:- W20
Outlet - 8mm Compression


Type Reca
Capacity 1.5kg/hour
Max inlet pressure 20 bar ( 294 p.s.i )
Pressure 30 mbar
Inlet W20
Outlet 8mm Compression Nut & Olive

30mbar Caravan Gas Regulator 8mm - Side Inlet Reviews

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